Senior Data Scientist - #1513649

Anther Human Resource Solutions

Date: 1 week ago
City: Mumbai
Salary: ₹1,500,000 - ₹3,000,000 / year
Contract type: Full time
Work schedule: Full day
Anther Human Resource Solutions
Profile (must have skills and experience) we are looking for
Statistics - Always makes data-driven decisions using tools from statistics, such as: populations and
sampling, normal distribution and central limit theorem, mean, median, mode, variance, standard
deviation, covariance, correlation, p-value, expected value, conditional probability and Bayes's theorem
Machine Learning
○ Solid grasp of attention mechanism, transformers, convolutions, optimisers, loss functions,
LSTMs, forget gates, activation functions.
○ Can implement all of these from scratch in pytorch, tensorflow or numpy.
○ Comfortable defining own model architectures, custom layers and loss functions.
○ Comfortable with using all the major ML frameworks (pytorch, tensorflow, sklearn, etc) and NLP
models (not essential). Able to pick the right library and framework for the job.
○ Capable of turning research and papers into operational execution and functionality delivery.
Programming skills:
○ Equipped with programming skills to self-sufficiently manipulate, analyse, synthesise, and
visualise data in e.g. matplotlib, plotly, bokeh, pandas.
○ Experienced with testing frameworks (e.g.PyTest).
○ Basic knowledge of SQL. Advanced knowledge of design and usage of relational databases
(SQL, PostgreSQL) is an added plus.
○ Experienced with Docker containers in the context of training and deploying ML models
Business Requirement Translation - Able to take ambiguous business requirements, work with
stakeholders to clarify them, and propose specific approaches to meet them. Comes prepared with a view
on which option to pursue, incorporating lenses including utility, delivery time, complexity, maintainability,
and ethics.
Research - Proactively identifies shortcomings and problems with current state of the art as applied to
Kalido's needs and proposes novel approaches of solving these issues that are not tackled by the current
Note: Candidates with a background in mathematics, specifically with a good theoretical understanding of
concepts such as: vectors, matrices, transposes, inverse, determinant, trace, eigen vector/values, dot product
are generally more successful in the interview process.

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